Giti Tire Motorsports

Motorsports is a fantastic opportunity that enables Giti Tire to test tires under extreme conditions.

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8th - 9th

Fun Cup Race R3

Where: UK
22nd - 23rd

Formula 3 Asia R3

Where: Japan
22nd - 24th

24 Hours Nuburgring


Giti today is growing its share in the premium market segment by offering its customers the confidence that their everyday tires are developed from motorsport proven technology.

This trust is further reinforced by the fact that a comprehensive range of competition tires for tarmac and forest rallies, ice rally, racing slicks / semi slicks and 4 x 4 off-road challenges are already widely recognized by the racing fraternity even from overseas.

Motorsport often punishes tires to the limits which normal tires would never be subjected to, in everyday driving. It therefore provide design engineers with very valuable and comprehensive information for the development of new tread patterns, construction designs and manufacturing processes, to make better and safer tires for our customers.